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"Expert on Hot Melt Adhesive & Applicator"



  Supply Hygiene Hot melt adhesive for Ssangyong Korea.



  Distributing agent for Hot melt applicator and parts for Hong Kong & China



  Supply hygiene hot melt for major Korean diaper manufacturer



  Establish & Manufacture Hot melt applicator company in Shenzhen, China

  Develop Packaging hot melt adhesive & supply to major cartoon box manufacturer.

  Develop & Supply special application PSA


2010’s to present

  Patent on Label PSA, Road marking hot melt, construction hot melt

  Export hot melt PSA to Japan

  ISO 9001/14000

  Expand new hot melt applicator manufacturing factory near Guangzhou, China

  Lean Production System

  Family member : more than 150 people working for GTS

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