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Glue Tech System was established in 1990 at S. Korea, since then it has produced numerous hot melt adhesives to Korean market. However, hot melt adhesive always requires hot melt applicator system, and GTS had numerous customers who have trouble on either glue, applicator, or both. Therefore, GTS worked on hot melt applicator production system, so GTS can provide both applicator and adhesive at the same time with better technological background and support.


GTS’s Total care system has gained good result in Korea, and other Asian market. In 2016,

GTS set up new office in U.S., so American manufacturers have same technical support and

benefit on Hot melt applicator and adhesive at the same time.

Just simply, “ We produce hot melt adhesive and applicator, and we know both of them! We

can help our customer to have better efficiency & quality at the same time.”

 How It Begins

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